Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Some Iqaluit Trivia


Walking towards Iqaluit from Apex
1. What does Iqaluit mean?

2. In the 1940s which country built an air force base on the land that is now the City of Iqaluit?

3. Although Iqaluit was the original Inuktitut name for the area, the community was also known as ________ until being officially renamed in 1987 (Hint: the name that appears on my parents' old atlas).

4. How many official languages are there in Nunavut?

5. Name the official languages (4 pointer!)

The Legion: Bonus question
6. In which year was the Territory of Nunavut official formed?

7. What is a utilidor?
a) Iqaluit's sub-terrainian mass-transit system
b) a door to your food storage area
c) a corridor between buildings to avoid the cold
d) an above-ground pipe for water and sewage

View from our window: kids playing on sealift crates.
Bonus: Explain the rationale  behind the order of the flags in front of the legion


1. A place of many fish

2. United States

3. Frobisher Bay

4. four

5. Inuktitut, English, French, Inuinnaqtun

6. 1999

7. d

Bonus: Good for you!

9-10 points: You factster!
8 or under: Keep learning along with me

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